Venturer HPS9308 GPS navigation system

If you ever want to modify or upgrade your Venturer HPS9308 GPS navigation system, you can easily do so by modifying or replacing the software on the SD Card. However, there are some settings that aren’t obvious and aren’t directly modifiable, so you have to follow a couple things.

It seems like the default Venturer shell, when you choose “Navigation”, looks for SDCard\MobileNavigator\MobileNavigator.exe and runs it. Thus, if you want to replace the software that gets run, you should place the executable at that path. In addition, the GPS device is on port 1 with a baud rate of 4800, at least according to a working config file I found. For reference, that was in SDCard\MobileNavigator\sys.txt with the section

One thought on “Venturer HPS9308 GPS navigation system”

  1. Hey Eric. Thanks for the post. I have one of these sitting around I don’t use anymore due to outdated map data. I see that the map directory on the SD card has a bunch of .fbl files (e.g. USA_Ohio.fbl). Any idea who might have updated .fbl files? I think they are used by iGo also. I’m thinking TomTom maps are also .fbl? This is all new to me.

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