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Who was Herman Wasserman?

Probably relatively well-known in music circles in his day, Herman Wasserman seems to only pop up today in conversation associated with George Gershwin. It seems like he was also a teacher to Ferde GrofĂ©, who orchestrated Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. If you search library catalogs, he turns up as having edited George Gershwin’s Song-Book as […]

QListView not accepting drag and drop

Python + Qt (in the form of PyQt5 or PySide2) is a weird mash-up of the famously slow interpreted dynamic language plus a heavyweight C++ GUI library. It certainly has its advantages over writing in C++, but I’m really wondering if there aren’t better ways to write cross-platform desktop apps. Anyways, in Qt, you’re supposed […]

Fixing only left/right channels working on Logitech headsets

I have a Logitech G430 headset. It’s one of a series of Logitech headsets that offer fake surround sound as a marketing ploy. (I will write up something someday about why surround sound headphones are 95% marketing B.S.) Using it on Windows, at some point all audio from channels other than left and right disappeared. […]