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Not all STEM fields are created equal

Alternate title: “Why do people forget about psychology when talking about STEM?” STEM majors! Everyone needs to be a STEM major! We have a huge shortage of STEM majors! Quick, get your sons and daughters (especially daughters) to major in a STEM field! STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics” and we often use […]

Considering a Computer Science major? Read this first

What school should I choose? Look for a school that’s either big, or has a strong focus on providing a good CS education. Big schools offer more choice, so that you can skip or maneuver around poor teachers or take classes that might not be available in smaller schools. Undergrad-focused schools may have better quality […]

Why are you bankrupting yourself for college?

What do universities want? The same as what everybody else wants, really. Power. Fame. Money. Well, the money’s actually a means to the first two, because you obviously don’t become powerful and famous (sorry, “prestigious”) without money. How do universities rise up? They hire and sponsor press-worthy research and researchers, and save up money to […]