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The cheapest way to run Minecraft on AWS

Summary: By taking advantage of AWS spot instances and only running when you need to, you can have a powerful Minecraft server for as little as a couple dollars per month. I’m happy to share a set of tools we’ve created to run a cheap, personal Minecraft server on AWS! It works like this: When […]

Fixing Minecraft on Ubuntu with OpenJDK

Minecraft! On Ubuntu! It actually runs great, once you actually get it to run, but there were two little things mere mortals can’t be reasonably expected to debug. Can’t connect to My Internet connection worked, was up, friends were able to connect just fine, but I couldn’t. Running it from the terminal via […]

Gaming hasn’t changed

This is about an essay I wrote a couple years back about gaming, under the theme of work and play, and it’s about how video games are just a subset of gaming, and how they conceptually fit within philosophical frameworks established in the mid-20th century. Among other things, it goes into why World of Warcraft […]