Jef Raskins on Car Talk

Listening to episode #2326 of Car Talk, titled “Bill’s Chevy Maliboo-boo,” I noticed an interesting attribution for the Puzzler—it was “inspired by Jef Raskin” of Pacifica, California. The actual spelling is not given, but it seems reasonable that this is the Jef Raskin of Macintosh fame.

This Car Talk episode is a re-run (or some kind of cobbled-together edit) of an older episode, probably from the 1990s. Jef Raskin was probably fairly well known by the time the original episode aired, although I couldn’t find any mention of this connection between him and Car Talk on the Web. And I suppose it’s entirely possible that there was a Jeff Rasken also living in Pacifica at the time, but it seems rather unlikely.

Anyways, the puzzler is titled “Chrome Plated” and involves propeller airplanes. If you’re interested, the puzzler and the answer can be found on the Car Talk website.

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