Found on Slashdot:

“Psssst…. want some Open Office?”
“I don’t know. My dad says to stay with Microsoft Office”
“Come on! It’s free!”
“But at school, they said that OpenOffice is a gateway program, and that I’ll soon be hitting the heavy stuff like Linux”
“This ain’t linux! What’s wrong with just trying just a little bit of OpenOffice”
“But my friend Jimmy started on just a little bit of OpenOffice, now he spends all of his time trolling forums and posting in Vi vs. Emacs threads. I wanted to play some Quake with him last night, and he said that he was too busy rebuilding his Gentoo system from Stage 1 with some really cool flags some guy gave him on the internet.” *Starts Crying* “I don’t want strange guys on the internet giving me flags!”
“what are you, some kind of wimp?”
“I’m going to walk away now. Friends don’t let friends use Open Source”

This message brought to you by Open Source Abuse Resistance Education. Just say no to Open Source

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