HP dv6605 dv6000 XP drivers

I got a new HP dv6605 Pavilion laptop, but it came with Vista. I reimaged it with XP MCE from an older Pavilion onto it, only to find out that none of my drivers worked.

HP doesn’t provide XP drivers for this laptop – only Vista drivers. There are three main things that need drivers: the video card (nVidia GeForce Go 7150M), the chipset (nForce 650M), and wireless adapter (Broadcom something-or-other). I’ve got all but the wireless working so far (I’ll try that next).
For the video card, theoretically any new ForceWare driver release should work because nVidia uses a unified driver architecture (UDA), but the ForceWare installers are picky about which cards they’ll install for. I used the 156.65 drivers from laptopvideo2go.com. Newer drivers will probably work if you get modified INFs.

Edit:  Newer video card drivers don’t work, at least for me.  I tried a couple drivers from the 16x.xx series and it only made Windows unbootable.
The nForce chipset, which includes Ethernet and stuff, was trickier. Somebody reported limited success with using Vista drivers from HP in XP, but Ethernet didn’t work. I found out that nForce drivers from Acer worked for my HP laptop, including ethernet.

For sound, the Conexant HD Audio is the same as HP’s other models. I was able to go into Device Manager and install the driver by choosing to select for a list. The Conexant HD Audio driver was under “Sound … controllers,” “Conexant,” “Conexant HD Audio.” It was in the list probably because it was leftover from my last laptop. You can also try downloading the driver from HP’s website – try searching for the “dv6110us” model and getting drivers from there. The audio instantly worked after installing the driver.
When I tackle the Broadcom wireless, I’ll update this.

Edit: I got my wi-fi working using the Broadcom drivers from the Acer website mentioned above (link again). They’ll be named “Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver” when you install it. There’s an interesting side effect to these drivers: the light by the wi-fi switch will be orange when it is off, slowly blink blue and orange when it’s on but not connected, and rapidly blink when data is transmitted.

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  1. Karol writes:

    I bought dv6500us and i have some problem with drivers.
    I figured out that for wifi works driver for dv6000CTO (you can download from hp website)
    If not let me know I will send you by e-mail, thx for advices for ethernet works for now.
    Hovewer i am still fighting with lovely grafic 7150m. This driver you recommend doesnt work at my computer, I will try newer.

  2. Karol writes:

    Corection my laptop is dv6605us (It’s kind of late)

  3. Administrator writes:

    I got my wi-fi working well now, using other drivers.

  4. Aaron and Shara writes:


    We just got a HP DV6605US Laptop and have rolled it back to XP Pro, and now cannot get some of the drivers to work correctly.

    We have used the drivers that you have posted and we still cannot get the Audio, Modem, and Video to work correctly.

    Can anyone help :)?

    Aaron and Shara

  5. Administrator writes:

    @Aaron and Shara,
    I don’t know why these drivers don’t work for your computer; they work well for mine. For audio, you can try getting Conexant audio drivers from an older HP laptop (mine was the “dv6110us”). For video, the drivers from laptopvideo2go.com should work; maybe you could try a different version. As for the modem, I don’t use mine so I can’t tell if it works or not. It’s a Conexant modem that’s combined with the Conexant audio. Try using modem drivers from an older HP laptop that also uses Conexant hardware.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit: Actually, just use the Vista drivers for the modem off of HP’s website.  When you update the driver through device manager, choose the V32 folder that’s extracted from the SP package.  It seems to work on XP (system shows that it’s working) although I don’t use the modem so I can’t try it to make sure.

  6. Aaron and Shara writes:


    Thank you so much! We got it to work!

    Aaron and Shara

  7. DavidPr0 writes:

    Que show señoras y señores…. aki les traigo toooodos los drivers para las hp modelo DV6605, ya ke a muchos usuarios no nos gusta wVista y downgradeamos a xp.. aunke para mi downgradear es ir a windows VISTA y no XP… microsoft apesta y kadavez sera mas dificil conseguir controladores y el soporte para wxp pero pues hagan su luchita y aporten cada vez que puedan.. yo voy a subir este link a varios BLOG´s FOros y etc ke pueda meterme… espero que alguien pueda compartirlos


    todos los drivers funcionan correctamente y estan actualizados…. hay que leer el manual x que si no quisa la KAGUEN con lo de Nforce…. 😈

    [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?0wnydbonkyp[/url] [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?cn1dygwfrjb[/url]

    Espero que se usen los lonks x que caducan cada 30 dias o alguna madre asi 😕 .. la neta no tengo tiempo para estarlos chekando si fallan y los necesitas contactame en el msn DavidPr0@hotmail.com

    ayuda y comparte el archivo….. no seas OGT…yo hice esto x que tambien e necesitado de ayuda yes la forma de regresar algo de lo que todos recolectamos de internet 😐


  8. Ravi writes:

    Thanks a lot to all of you,
    I got my wi-fi, graphics is working but no sound

    I’hv tried as well as you said but no luck

    Can anyone help me out



  9. filflarn writes:


    Cadena he intentado descargar su mediafire enlaces pero parte 2 se establecen. ¿Puede usted, por favor subir de nuevo? Gracias

    Can you please upload the driver pack again? The link to part 2 is dead. Thanks.

  10. filflarn writes:

    I have tried everything suggested so far except DavidPrO’s drivers and the link to part 2 is no good so I can’t do that. I downloaded the drivers for the Broadcom Wireless Lan from Acers website, the links posted earlier are no good and I had to find them elsewhere, Acer Japan’s website. That is my main concern I have the video working it is just my wlan doesn’t and I feel if I could get my laptop online I mightbe able to find driversthrough windows that will cover everything else.

  11. Boo Boo Stink writes:


    This HP thread was very helpful for me. I have all but the modem working.

  12. ashwin menkudle writes:

    i am using dv6602au hp notebook.i had installed XP on it.i had not get audio driver for my laptop.

  13. Leonardo writes:

    Hi folks

    I’ve dv6000 and I’ve the same problems. My video is GeForce Go 7200. I found driver on HP website (I don’t install yet) but it’s working with GeForce 7150M driver. I have sound and wireless but i still don’t have this driver:

    – Co-processor
    – Ethernet controler

    Help me to find it out


  14. erika writes:

    Tenho um notebook hp palivion dv6605us que veio com o windows vista….troquei ele pelo windows xp ,mas estou tendo problemas com drive de enternt…se alguem puder me ajudar…obrigada

  15. Mbebo writes:

    Try this link


    File Size: 69.3 MB
    It’ll install following drivers automatically:
    * Ethernet Driver (v65.65) WHQL
    * SMBus Driver (v4.60) WHQL
    * Installer (v5.48)
    * IDE SataRAID Driver (v10.1.0.12) WHQL
    * IDE SataIDE Driver (v10.1.0.12) WHQL
    * RAIDTOOL Application (v10.1.0.12)
    * Display Driver (v101.17) WHQL
    * SMU (v1.31) WHQL

  16. Eliud writes:

    My laptop came with vista then I changed to XP now there is no wireless drivers so I need your assistance

  17. Administrator writes:


    Download TinyXP (http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4206516/TinyXP_Rev09_-_eXPerience). After you burn it to a CD, open up the OEM folder on the CD and run “INSTALL DRIVERS.bat” and it will install any drivers you are missing.

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