X-Window Compositing

I tried using compositing on X-Window (with Kompmgr, of course), and it is amazing. However, it is still in the developmental stages and isn’t very well-known.

It features window transparency, shadows, fading in/out for everything, and more. I’m beginning to see why Windows Vista has nothing innovative. Microsoft showed off how the little icons would reflect the file’s contents – KDE and GNOME have had this for forever for text files. Vista will have fancy see-through windows and stuff – compositing in X does this just fine (kinda slow without a good GFX card though). It seems the only new thing Vista will have is the nice little start button.

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  1. Derek Smith writes:

    Wow, “you’re good” is an understatement. Incredible work, I need the “to be” verbs analyzer. It’s amazing. Thank you.

  2. Kasey High writes:

    Wow…you pretty much saved my life with this!

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