Petite Chez Scheme for Ubuntu

An Ubuntu package of Petite Chez Scheme seems to be a common request among students, given the popularity of Ubuntu among the techno-capable. ¬†Currently, only RPM packages are provided on the Chez Scheme site, and the traditional recommendation was to use alien to convert the RPM into a .deb. There’s no reason to have everybody do this though.

I’ve built a .deb package of Petite Chez Scheme for amd64 (64-bit) Ubuntu 10.10. You should be able to install it by simply double-clicking the package and following the on-screen prompts. Petite can then be run using the terminal command `petite`.

Known issues: No package docs.

2 Responses to “Petite Chez Scheme for Ubuntu”

  1. Jason writes:

    So … that link isn’t active. I can haz .deb?

  2. eric writes:

    Looks like I must have switched things on to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Link has been fixed now!

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