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Dreamhost is so 2004

Today marks my final move from uncool, mainstream shared hosting to the fantastic world of pay-what-you-need technology mash-ups. Shared hosting… I used to have shared hosting at Site5. They were OK. I really can’t complain much except that their dashboard functionality for hosting multiple domains on one account seemed archaic. I signed up almost exactly […]

HTML <legend> tag is broken in WebKit

All I wanted was for a legend tag to fill up its box horizontally, much like an h1 or div does by default. Apparently, legend tags are special and don’t follow the same rules as other tags in WebKit, and what I wanted to do was simply impossible. Since I wasn’t the one to choose […]

Dial up

Parallel Map

… in JavaScript. A number of events and coincidences have reminded me about functional programming and parallelism lately, especially an example I saw of Clojure’s pmap: pmap function Usage: (pmap f coll)        (pmap f coll & colls) Like map, except f is applied in parallel. Semi-lazy in that the parallel computation stays ahead of the […]

git-dude, meet hg-dude

Git-dude is a cool little thing. Given a directory of git repos, it continually fetches updates and displays a popup if you get any new commits. When I first saw it on Google Plus, somebody inexplicably commented, “This is a neat thing and I dont [sic] think there is a mercurial equivalent.” Given that Git […]

iOS keycodes in Javascript

Here are the iOS keycodes for the keyDown and keyPress events in JavaScript as generated by an iPad running iOS 4.3.3:

WordPress permissions on

“To perform the requested action, connection information is required.” My earlier post on WordPress with was too hastily written. There are more issues than WP not wanting to use the direct upgrader, and editing WordPress code is not the right way to solve it either. Problem 1: WordPress doesn’t want to use the direct […]

Configuring your phone for T-Mobile data

If your cellphone didn’t come preconfigured for T-Mobile (e.g. iPhone), you may need these APN settings to access the Internet: APN: Leave the username and password blank.

New web host

If you’re reading this, then the DNS changes have successfully propagated and you’re loading this page from my new hosting provider, I’m dropping Site5 like a bad habit, and will soon be free of uncool mainstream shared hosting relatively soon. Although Site5’s control panel software went through a major revision recently, it was still […]

Scheme in Javascript

Scheme’s power to simplicity ratio makes it a fun target for implementation. Today, I introduce a couple new ways of running Scheme powered by Javascript. The first is an online Scheme interface that I’ve been working on sporadically for the last few months. Inspired by TryHaskell, it began as a series of patches to jquery-console, […]