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Quickly search Java documentation in Firefox

Firefox Quick Searches have become an ingrained habit for me after a lot of repeat searching. Recently I’ve been working on a Java project and I’ve found myself needing to look up classes in the Java online documentation quite often. To that end, I’ve set up a quick-search bookmark that will take me to the […]

LaTeX MLA Style With Title Page

So I was typesetting one day… … and my English teacher wanted us to use a title page on our essay. I was using the mla-paper package in LaTeX, but that package only allowed for a standard MLA paper with the heading on the first page. I needed a title page, and so I hacked […]

It's the interface, stupid!

This seems to be a huge issue the big companies “get” and the little companies neglect.  When designing software, make a good interface.  So many times, a piece of software can’t rise up into the big leagues because the interface is horrendous.  The workflow in a program should be efficient, intuitive, and simple. Case 1: […]

Found on Slashdot: “Psssst…. want some Open Office?” “I don’t know. My dad says to stay with Microsoft Office” “Come on! It’s free!” “But at school, they said that OpenOffice is a gateway program, and that I’ll soon be hitting the heavy stuff like Linux” “This ain’t linux! What’s wrong with just trying just a […]